Sunday, 20 February 2011

The soft option

Since learning something new on the Skinny Mini class I've been busy experimenting with some of my photos. I think from now on no photo will now be safe from having some adjustment made or an effect added. I particularly like the soft light option used on this photo.
Next up is textures and I'm a bit behind with my homework but hopefull will get back on track in readiness for the next class.

I'm probably behind as I'm easily distracted and the new fabric I bought recently was just too tempting. You know what it's like you see some fetching fabric that you just have to have with no thought of what you're going to make........or is that just me? That was the story with this Kokka linen fabric. That is until I turned it into a bag.
It has some natty green spot fabric for the lining and fastens with a magnetic clasp

That isn't the only bit of sewing I've managed to fit in I've also made this cute little mouse by Mandy Shaw of Dandelion Designs. Her stand at Brighton at the Creative Stitches show was so popular. I  just about managed to buy a pattern in the mad scramble, a rabbit called Judy. This little mouse is her friend, Pip made from some Tilda fabric (oval rose) another impulse buy.
Enjoy what's left of your weekend - Goodbye from me and Pip


Sian said...

Gorgeous bag! I really love the look of that linen.

I had another go at photoshop yesterday - and I have discovered the skinny literally lol I have found the weight loss button which reduces the size of your subject by 4%. We've been having a bit of fun with it.

Sarah H said...

Love the material on the bag - I found some paper like that, but never thought you would have been able to get it in fabric! Pip is very sweet too :-) x

Wrightboysmum said...

Love Ms Mouse it's fab. I love the bag as well. Very cool.

alexa said...

How many things can you create in a day, Amanda? I am officially in awe! I love the bag AND the mouse and your photos are lovely - that soft look is perfect for the beach ... I, needless, to saym am way behind.