Monday, 29 August 2011

The HAPPY Hexie

Hi I'm back with more hexie love inspired by a recent comment from a blog friend (thank you so much for your suggestion). It's a project that combines many of my loves fabric, book paper, doilies, collage, hexies......
The fabric is from a small collection of Liberty prints I used many years ago to make a cathedral window cushion cover.
Making it made me happy so it seemed appropriate to include this label. In fact I enjoyed it so much I'm already in production of number two - think rainbow.

Tuesday, 23 August 2011

Mini Hexie Love

You may have noticed how I've been a little obessed with hexies lately (No!) well imagine my delight when I found a quilt card for download on the Silhouette that was made up of hexagons. Happy.

I made a couple of cards using it (sorry no photos I forgot! bad blogger) and then started thinking how perfect it would be to use the cut outs with fabric. The size I cut out are much smaller than the 1" ones I've been using for my quilt, you can see the difference in size. They measure 5/8" which is 1.5cm. Can you believe people make whole quilts using ones this small. How would you have the patience.... I had a little experiment and came up with this.
a mini hexie bag charm. Think I'm going to be making more :-)

Sunday, 21 August 2011

High Hat Anyone?

Hi I'm back to report more on my recent finds. I've found the perfect thing for keeping all my hexies in check. A very battered vintage leather sewing case.
From the outside not very interesting but when I looked inside it was a whole different story.

A pocket to keep hexies safe, scissors safely stowed and what definitely caught my eye a metal bar that unscrews to store cotton reels. No more rolling off the table when your back is turned. To find some empty wooden reels stored inside was a real bonus and I left one as a spacer in between my more modern reels.

I also picked up this little treasure.
I had a quick flick through in the shop and had to stop myself laughing out loud. I bought it mainly because of this.

Come on hands up who wants a high hat?

I can just see one in the navy and white fabric I bought and you'll notice she has a matching dress too. No don't worry I won't but if you receive an odd shaped parcel from me for either birthday or Christmas be very afraid.........or perhaps you'd prefer a jaunty beret.

Thursday, 18 August 2011

Take One Sheet....

....and turn it into a vintage inspired apron.
In the shop I mentioned in one of my recent posts I discovered some really lovely vintage aprons. They had a great shape to them almost tailored. I had a vague memory of a vintage pattern I'd bought that was for a full apron so I set about finding it and adapted it to make my own pattern.

After carefully working out how much I needed to use of the sheet for my in progress quilt, I so hope I have that right, I cut out the apron pieces. There are two sections which make up the front and two smaller sections at the sides which give an a-line shape.

You might notice the hexies that I stitched around the bottom edge. They are odd ones that I wouldn't have made into flowers at least that's what I'm telling myself! The pocket is made from a crocheted doily, at last I've been brave and used one. I collect these things and then can't bring myself to use them. Stupid really.

The finishing touch is a yo-yo topped with a covered button. (There goes that glasses case, I'm steadily getting through the yo-yos I stitched for that)
Apologies for the creased look in the photo but after going to all the trouble of making it I'm determined to wear it even thought it has received some strange looks and comments around the house.

Happy creating

Monday, 15 August 2011

Like a Craft Butterfly

Hi. Today I have a layout to share. I was playing with the photo booth option on the computer and thought one of the photos would be good for a layout to record my love of craft and how I seem to flit from one thing to another. At the moment I seem to love all things quilty. This morning I brought home a collection of quilting books from the library and my eyes lit up when a copy of Amy Butler, In Stitches had just been returned.
I'd seen and loved this sketch from Sketchy Thursdays. I immediately thought that one of my butterfly downloads for the Silhouette would be perfect. I used the half that I cut off as a frame for my journalling. You might also spot more of my Cath Kidston tape and one of my own printed canvas labels.

I quite liked using the sketch and I didn't spend long deliberating over which paper to use I just did it. The butterly printed card had been hanging around in my stash for ages and was the perfect match for the background paper.

With a sense of satisfaction and some scrapbooking done I can now get back to a bit of sewing.

Thursday, 11 August 2011

Oh Happy Day

Oh happy day could refer to the fact that I have tomorrow off work so the weekend starts here but in fact it relates to a card I made using a recent download from Silhouette.
It also features some yummy tape I bought from Cath Kidston. Yep I got way too excited when I spotted that.

It was a bit like when I first walked into a shop on Wednesday that has just opened in my area selling vintage goods. I don't think the shop assistant could get over my enthusiasm for a wooden cotton reel. In fact I was so excited I had to pay a return visit today, I'd been dreaming about this fabric.

Luckily for me it was still there today. The photo doesn't really do it justice but it's a striking navy and white combination. The piece of fabric is so large that I could probably make myself an outfit top to toe - but I'll resist that urge. I have a few smaller projects in mind.

On my first visit I picked up a plain white cotton sheet which has helped me come to a decision with making my quilt. I've opted to use plain white hexagons between my coloured flowers. After I've sewn these together my next decision is whether or not to have a plain white row in between them or to have an odd coloured hexagon thrown in. I've also downsized my original plan and I'm now making a smaller more manageable sized quilt. Of course I could change my mind again, I'll keep you posted.

Friday, 5 August 2011

Going Postal: Good Mail

Hi. You know when some envelopes turn up in the post and the contents are not quite a good mail day? You know the kind - bills. Have you looked inside the envelope, beyond the dreaded bill? Well if you do you may discover something to your liking. 

Remember my printed labels from my last post? I made this with the 'I Love Pinterest' one inspired by a project in the book I mentioned too.
In amongst my stash I found the perfect little pin stamp which I stamped onto some canvas. I stitched the label backed with a scrap of fabric onto the canvas. I then used a spellbinder label die as a template to trim my fabric. A bit like doodling on paper I hand stitched in black around the edge. A red felt heart, safety pin and kraft punched butterfly were added............and finally some paper flowers which I made from yes you guessed it - envelopes.
Just take a circle punch and punch out some circles. Scrunch them up (yes technical I know!) then fold over the edge to reveal the white side. You could grunge them up a bit more with ink and if you don't have a circle punch draw circles and roughly tear them out. I made some bigger flowers too with my tattered floral die.
I must have had a premonition about Julie's Going Postal series as a few weeks before she announced it I bought this journal - I haven't brought myself to write in it yet.

And thank you for all your comments about my Kindle covers they are much appreciated. If you are interested in purchasing one I will be adding some for sale soon. I shall point you in their direction when they are ready.

Bye I'm off to do a bit of pinning.

Monday, 1 August 2011

A New Month, A New Look

Hi. You might have noticed a bit of a change of image. I thought it about time I tried my hand at making my own header. It seems to have taken on a sewing theme, it must be all the projects I have on the go at the moment. One of which is this.
some Kindle covers I've been developing. This one has a quilted look and I made the little canvas label myself.

I also made some more labels
I have yet another project in mind inspired by this book which is just brilliant.

Fabric, art what more can I say.

And in case you were wondering I haven't forgotten about paper I have another, yes another project in progress which I'll be back to share later in the week.