Thursday, 21 June 2012

Progress and Perseverance

Where has June gone? It seems to have passed in a rainy blur. I was hoping for a bit more sunshine to aid my recovery but hey ho this is Britain.

So in the blur that was June I have been perservering with the crochet and now I can make something other than a granny square and even had a go at following a pattern.
My first finished granny square cushion.....don't look too closely.

I then moved on to trying to crochet in the round. All did not go well to start with but I got there in the end. I wanted to make a round cushion cover but thought I'd start small until I got the hang of it so instead.....
....a pincushion
....and another.

I'm getting the hang of it a bit more now and things have started to make sense, at last. I can make flowers without having to refer back to a pattern and yesterday I bought the loveliest tin to store them in ready for another project.
But I won't be getting carried away I still have lots more to learn but it is quite addictive. Now if only I could do granny ripple......

I'm just in time to nominate my pincushion for my June Monthly Make