Saturday, 30 July 2011

Hexie Love and a Winner

I've been sucked in to a bit of a hexagon obession. It started with this....
Some yo-yos which are for a WIP glasses case. I will finish it - honest. My interest grew and so I became hooked on these. I've found so many wonderful quilting blogs while investigating what to do. Mine are 1" hexagons and the amounts involved are rather daunting but I'm seeing this as an ongoing project.

One of the blogs I found talked about a charm quilt made with hexies but in a charm quilt no fabric is repeated. That's a lot of different fabric required! So then I thought about making a rainbow style quilt in rows of colours but the whole idea of making this quilt is to use fabrics I have rather than go out and buy lots more. So to use up more of each of my fabrics I chose to sew my colours into flowers but to still try to make a rainbow effect.
Here are some of my pink collection. I still can't decide to join them all together or have them on a white background. I've also thought of a way that I could have had rows but use more then one of each fabric but I can't go back now can I ? That's one problem with a long term project I'm liable to keep changing my mind. Decisions, decisions any suggestions welcome.

Finally for today I have a winner to announce of Pass The Book.

...........Jacky I hope you enjoy it.

Thursday, 28 July 2011

Going Postal: Hello and a Postcard

Hi. Today I'm Going Postal for the first time. When I first read about Julie's idea for all things postal, projects, supplies anything really I immediately thought about this.... old postcard I found. Apart from the fact it features where I live I love the interactiveness of it. It must have appealed to the scrapper in me.
Behind the little flap are some pullout photos
There are some wonderful shots of some local bays what a shame they don't look like that now.
I did wonder how the postcard made it through the post in tact I'm not sure it would happen nowadays but sent it was by Doreen on 23 August 1951 to a Mrs Gody in Bath. There was no message to accompany the postcard only these strict instructions:

Only name and Address of Sender allowed
If any other writing, Letter Postage is required

It seems that it was a printed paper mailing novelty and the shape was passed by the G.P.O for printed paper rate. Who knew? And just in case you couldn't work it out there is a handy tip 'To Open Raise Flap'.

I certainly don't send postcards but I do send cards - Birthday, Anniversary, Christmas, Wedding, Get Well..........and cards just to say, Hello. In her latest Going Postal blog post Julie shares some general greetings cards featuring one of her favourite greeting stamps so I thought I'd share mine too.
A simple Hello.

If you would like some inspiration for making your own greetings cards don't forget that tomorrow I will be making the draw for the next recipient of the Cardmaker's Sketch Book. If you would like to be in with a chance please leave me a comment on this post. Thank you :-)

Thursday, 21 July 2011

Pass the Book

Hi. In between hexie cutting and perusing Pinterest I seem to have been missing for a while but I'm back and I have a job to do so without further a do let me introduce you to Pass the Book. Of course you may already be familiar with Pass the Book and may even have been lucky enough to have been a recipient of one of the books on offer in Sian's book chain at From High In The Sky.

I was lucky to receive this book....

.........Card Maker's Sketch Book

It's full of sketches for all type of design of card, DL, square, A6. So if you are new to card making and want to learn more or already make cards and want some inspiration it's full of ideas. Over 200 in fact. Before I pass it on I've made some sketches of my favourite designs from the book on index cards and  plan to make them into a mini book so I might find them again when I'm lacking some inspiration.

Here are a couple of cards made with my favorite designs.

Thank you card sent to Sian

Birthday card for a friend

So if you would like to be the next custodian of the Card Maker's Sketch Book leave me a comment and I'll make a random draw next Friday 29th July.

Please be sure to read all about Pass The Book and check out the details here.


Monday, 4 July 2011

Pretty and Practical?

Hi it's July already can you believe it? I've had a busy week but found a bit of time for sewing some fabric coasters. The perfect small project.
I'd been thinking of making some for a while and then last week Jenna of SewHappyGeek posted a brilliant tutorial so I gave it a go. A great way of using the countless scraps I seemed to have collected and a great way to practice a bit of quilting. They didn't need to be perfect and I could say that they are skew-whiff on purpose, just a bit of creativeness :-)
Here's the other side
I'm not sure they will practical but they look pretty. They would make a lovely gift tied up together with a bit of pretty ribbon.