Thursday, 21 July 2011

Pass the Book

Hi. In between hexie cutting and perusing Pinterest I seem to have been missing for a while but I'm back and I have a job to do so without further a do let me introduce you to Pass the Book. Of course you may already be familiar with Pass the Book and may even have been lucky enough to have been a recipient of one of the books on offer in Sian's book chain at From High In The Sky.

I was lucky to receive this book....

.........Card Maker's Sketch Book

It's full of sketches for all type of design of card, DL, square, A6. So if you are new to card making and want to learn more or already make cards and want some inspiration it's full of ideas. Over 200 in fact. Before I pass it on I've made some sketches of my favourite designs from the book on index cards and  plan to make them into a mini book so I might find them again when I'm lacking some inspiration.

Here are a couple of cards made with my favorite designs.

Thank you card sent to Sian

Birthday card for a friend

So if you would like to be the next custodian of the Card Maker's Sketch Book leave me a comment and I'll make a random draw next Friday 29th July.

Please be sure to read all about Pass The Book and check out the details here.



Sian said...

I was delighted with the card you sent me - it's safely tucked away in my box of special things!
I'm looking forward to seeing where the card book lands next

alexa said...

As a dismal cardmaker, I probably need to learn a lot from this book! Also keen to see your hexies ... :)

Sandra said...

What gorgeous cards. Please don't put me down for the draw, I just wanted to stop by and say hello :)

scrappyjacky said...

Looks like just the type of book I'd love.

Wrightboysmum said...

You know cards are my nemesis lol. I'm loving the idea of hexies and I can just imagine them all over the place waiting lol.