Saturday, 30 July 2011

Hexie Love and a Winner

I've been sucked in to a bit of a hexagon obession. It started with this....
Some yo-yos which are for a WIP glasses case. I will finish it - honest. My interest grew and so I became hooked on these. I've found so many wonderful quilting blogs while investigating what to do. Mine are 1" hexagons and the amounts involved are rather daunting but I'm seeing this as an ongoing project.

One of the blogs I found talked about a charm quilt made with hexies but in a charm quilt no fabric is repeated. That's a lot of different fabric required! So then I thought about making a rainbow style quilt in rows of colours but the whole idea of making this quilt is to use fabrics I have rather than go out and buy lots more. So to use up more of each of my fabrics I chose to sew my colours into flowers but to still try to make a rainbow effect.
Here are some of my pink collection. I still can't decide to join them all together or have them on a white background. I've also thought of a way that I could have had rows but use more then one of each fabric but I can't go back now can I ? That's one problem with a long term project I'm liable to keep changing my mind. Decisions, decisions any suggestions welcome.

Finally for today I have a winner to announce of Pass The Book.

...........Jacky I hope you enjoy it.


Wrightboysmum said...

Looking fab. I see the dilemma as both ways sound good. What about making two quilts lol? More stash busted.

scrappyjacky said...

So pleased to have won....thanks Amanda...this book will be right up my street.
Love your pink hexagons....and think they'd look lovely all joined together.

alexa said...

These are just lovely - I really like the way you've made 'flowers' from them... I have no suggestions unfortunately as quilting is an area of total ignorance for me. But looking forward to more (quilting loveliness, not ignorance!

Sandra said...

Oh they're fabulous... All that yumminess. I'm sorry I haven't got an ideas but I'm sure soon you'll think of something