Thursday, 22 December 2011

Christmas Greetings

Hi, it's been a while I know. December (and most of November!) seems to have passed in a flurry of crafty activity which left no time for visiting blogland. I've missed it for sure but sometimes you have to spend a bit of time actually 'doing' rather than 'perusing', sad but true.

I didn't have much time for photographing either but here are a few photos of some of the things I created in a frenzy of stitching, gluing and knitting.

And you know it hasn't ended yet I have one or two projects to finish and I have plans to find time to fit in making Christmas Panna Cotta, Egg Nog, and Christmas Biscuits and I might even manage to squeeze in some Last Minute Christmas Chutney

So I'd like to wish you a Merry Christmas and a Happy and Creative New Year. I've made some brilliant friendships in blogland and made lots of interesting discoveries (especially Pinterest!) so here's to lots more in 2012.