Sunday, 21 August 2011

High Hat Anyone?

Hi I'm back to report more on my recent finds. I've found the perfect thing for keeping all my hexies in check. A very battered vintage leather sewing case.
From the outside not very interesting but when I looked inside it was a whole different story.

A pocket to keep hexies safe, scissors safely stowed and what definitely caught my eye a metal bar that unscrews to store cotton reels. No more rolling off the table when your back is turned. To find some empty wooden reels stored inside was a real bonus and I left one as a spacer in between my more modern reels.

I also picked up this little treasure.
I had a quick flick through in the shop and had to stop myself laughing out loud. I bought it mainly because of this.

Come on hands up who wants a high hat?

I can just see one in the navy and white fabric I bought and you'll notice she has a matching dress too. No don't worry I won't but if you receive an odd shaped parcel from me for either birthday or Christmas be very afraid.........or perhaps you'd prefer a jaunty beret.


Julie Kirk said...

I think she's keeping her lunch under there. Or a big cake. Or both!

Wrightboysmum said...

I think she doesn't have a cool sewing case like you and has stuffed the hexies in the hat to tidy the dining room table before the husband comes home. You know I'll be assessing all future parcels from you for high hat potential :-}

Sian said...

I can't decide! I might like a jaunty beret, but the high hat is very, very tempting..What a find.

Alana said...

That hat is wonderfull. maybe it's for covering her behive....go on make one and wear it...i dare you!

Sandra said...

Awwww go on, you know you want to make that hat lol. Aren't you the lucky one with finds like these :)

sarah h said...

LOL I love old craft books! I think you have to make one of those high hats now :-)
What a fantastic find that vintage sewing case is!