Tuesday, 1 February 2011

Hello Dolly


Do you remember the doll swap I signed up for? So far I've had visits from two dolly friends to have their body decorated (best not mention that!), their face created and most recently I had a new arrival for a hair appointment. 

Meet Dolly.

Dolly belongs to Sonja and I did check with her first if she wanted to keep tabs on Dolly's progress so Dolly says 'Hi Sonja I hope you like my hair?'. And as all good hairdressers do I'll show you the back view too.

Dolly is packing her bags and getting ready for the next step of her journey while I await the arrival of a new doll.

This week I've been getting to grips with a new addition to my crafting kit - a Silhouette. I'd considered getting one some time ago and then reconsidered but after seeing how much Sandra liked hers and finding one at a bargain price I took the plunge. And now? I'm so pleased I did. I've been amazed at what it can achieve. Here are a few cards I've made using it.
This card uses the free shape for download last week - a dressform. (yes, that is more Glitz paper you can see!)
I couldn't resist this Keep Calm and Carry On sentiment.

This Happy Birthday sentiment comes free with the software. I put it together with a card blank by Craftwork Cards they measure 8x8 and I love working with them. This one is inked with distress inks and stamped with a leaf stamp around the edge. The watch stamp was free with craft stamper last month and once stamped I finished it off with a bit of glossy accents on the watch face. Some die cut tattered leaves and a couple of flourishes to finish. 

I have to say that I've had fun learning how to use it so far and I hope to learn lots more. I'll keep you posted.


Julia said...

Hello Amanda!

I love the idea of this doll swap - and this one is great by the way - it must be fabulous to wait and see who is going to come next!
I want to thank you for visiting my blog too, for your kind comments...I am absolutely delighted to read that you got the GL book and that it is WORKING!!!! I think that calls for a Double WooT!!! :D

Sending you heaps of love, ps - I love the heart you made too, a few posts down.

Julia x

Annie xx TheFeltFairy said...

Isn't she lovely - and a visit to the hairdresses too!

Your cards are gorgeous!

Sandra said...

oh my gosh, I so want that keep calm and carry on, how fab :) ... I love, love, love the card you've made with it ... looks like you're a wizz already :)

What a great idea on the doll swap - I wasn't quite sure what you meant, but I loke the fact you all do a little bit, how much fun.

Wrightboysmum said...

Hi Dolly love the hair see you soon. Mmm Glitz paper I do love it and well done on scoring a Silhoutte at a good price. Does it do fabric as well?

Sian said...

Wow, it didn't take you long to get to grips with a new machine (she said enviously!)

Simply Create said...

Dolly looks gorgeous, Silhouette machine sitting in my cabin never been used for sale and all money goes to Save the Children!

Mystee said...

What a great idea...doll swap....

fab doll, one day I will learn how...my girls would lvoe them, but it may end up more for my grandkids lol

I'm also your newest follower from Monthly Make 2011


kazzy said...

i so want one of those machines x

alexa said...

You could start a doll hospital, Amanda, with such talent - repairing and rejuvenating! Not come across the Silhouette - is it like a Craft Robo? You are so quick to get stuck in to these things!

Sarah H said...

Can't wait to see that machine in action - you have made some beautiful things with the die cuts x

Sandra said...

Amanda, I hope you don't mind, I've given you a blog award - I know they're not everyones cup of tea (including me, but it's yours if you'd like to collect it ... but please don't feel you have too. Sx

Kirsti said...

Oooh I do like your cards Amanda...I used to have a half share in a Silhoutte but don't know what happened to it!!! I have a Cricut now which I bought SCAL for last month...still getting to grips with it...

Kirsti xx

PS Dolly is lookiing good so far!