Sunday, 6 February 2011


Hi. Have you had a creative weekend. Mine started on Friday when I spent the day chatting and eating cake with some friends with a bit of creating thrown in. I downloaded some cute birdhouses for the Silhouette which we decorated in our way. With the addition of a door I can see these making great little beach huts.
In fact my friends were so impressed with the Silhouette they had to buy their own so in between the eating cake, chatting and creating we had a shopping excursion too. I hope you like it girls. Looking at the Silhouette blog I was interested to see that there are some new lines being introduced and fabric interfacing is one of them. I think there are going to be some tutorials coming up on how to cut fabric so I'll be keeping an eye on that.

For my February Monthly Make I thought I'd do a bit of papercrafting and a bit more getting to know my Silhouette.
I cut out one of the pennant shapes that comes with the studio software and used some of my neglected material girl paper to decorate. 
I can see real potential in these with all kinds of uses............I just need to make a note of them so I don't forget.

The little dog you can see keeping watch is by Total Pap. I should really take some photos of the windows they have done locally as they are amazing and much nicer to look at than an empty shop window and there are a lot of empty shops!

Happy creating.


Wrightboysmum said...

I spotted the Material Girl straight away and I'm jealous of the Silhouette cutting fabric. The Cricut doesn't do that. Lovely banner.

Sian said...

Wow, being able to cut fabric really would be an added bonus. I think I am getting closer and closer to buying a cutting machine (tho I'll maybe start small with a Slice)

The houses are so cute - and beach houses would be brilliant!

Sandra said...

I saw that on the blog ... and the little owl, is so so cute - now I just have to find out who will be selling the interface. You've really got to grips with your silhouette, haven't you - these projects are wonderful :)