Wednesday, 14 September 2011

Like Pebbles on a Beach

Hi. Sorry I haven't been around for a while I do have a proper excuse so bear with me while I catch up and get back to blogging business. Last week I had a knee operation and progress has been good but I haven't been able to do much blog visiting and commenting so I apologise I'm not ignoring you.

Anyhow, excuses out of the way I wanted to share a little project I squeezed in just before my operation. The weekend was warm and sunny so we took a visit to Deal where we ate the best fish and chips on the sea front. While looking out to sea I was dreaming up a project as unlike where I live Deal has a shingle beach not sand..........mmmmmmm pebbles.
I was humoured while I set about collecting some pebbles and even got some help with some brought for my inspection, were they the right shape, colour, size? So in return I made him a paperweight, the one decorated with the bicycle. Can you believe the Silhouette cut that! You might recognise the CK tape and yep, the tattered floral die cuts too. The other one has a bit of simple paper doily - my favourite I think. All were finished with a good coat of mod podge to protect them.

And I promised to show you a view of the messy half of my craft room, I'm ashamed to say it still looks like this but I just concentrate on the tidy bit.
.....and don't think I've forgotten the high hat too it's on my long list of things to do.

Bye for now


Sian said...

OOh, I love to see where other bloggers create! You look like you have everything nice and close to hand there. I hope your recovery continues to go well

The pebbles are very cute :)

Sandra said...

I couldn't agree with Sian more, I adore seeing creative spaces :)

Hope the knee is improving

Wrightboysmum said...

The pebbles are a neat idea and I'm jealous of that Sillhoutte.
Glad the knee is a bit better.
P.S At least it's a messy space in your own room lol.

alexa said...

Gosh, you might just persuade me to consider a Silhouette! These pebbles are amazing - I'd never have even thought of doing anything like this ... I enjoyed the peek at your craft room, with the various doll faces peeping out of boxes. And I envy you your chair - it looks very comfy and stylish. Any chance you could tell us where it came from?

Romi and Bob said...

I love your craft room.There is a certain kind of messiness that is actually aesthetically pleasing and yours is it.
Your chair is lovely.The pebbles are beautiestoo
I hope you are resting and taking it easy after your op. xxx