Wednesday, 28 September 2011

All of a Swirl

This week saw me make my very first cupcakes with piped buttercream. Whilst I make muffins and cupcakes I'd never felt the need to actually pipe the buttercream before but I keep seeing all these wonderful creations, yes on Pinterest,  so I thought I might just give it a go.
They're definitely not perfect (they are meant to be like roses) but I'm pleased with my first attempt. I have some very pretty floral paper cases so now I'm thinking..........mauve buttercream. Yes I could get carried away and end up with more cupcakes than I should be eating.

Do you like my photo mosaic? The template came courtesy of Pugly Pixel. With thanks to Sian and her recent better blogging post for pointing out the site it's very useful.


Alana said...

Ooh yes, those pretty cases can definitly become an obsession. Never likes the plain nozzel effect just reminds me of doggy doings...sorry:) but it does. Your swirly effect look like roses though.

Sian said...

I'm hungry now..these look very good.

And you are putting me to shame..I need to take the time to learn how to make a cool mosaic like that

alexa said...

I think they are amazing - and just like roses! You are so adventurous!

Louise said...

This are so addictive - i'm always making them for the boys - sometimes i cheat and use betty crockers buttercream!!! you've done an amazing job!

Sandra said...

Ive never piped either, now you've made me want to try it out