Tuesday, 17 January 2012

My New Love

Today I have a layout to share dedicated to my new love. You've probably guessed, my new sewing machine.
It also gave me the perfect opportunity to use a White Stuff label that I'd saved. You know, one of those 'I've just got to save this' things that you put away and can't bear to throw out. It was probably more luck than judgement that I found it again but I'm glad I did.

Come on look at those sweet buttons. Admit it you wouldn't have thrown it away either would you?

See you soon with another recycled project.

By the way I seem to be experiencing problems commenting again on blogger anyone else had the same? Sometimes I can't scroll through posts either but I am still visiting and leaving comments where I can. I'm hoping it's just one of those glitches that resolves itself soon.


Sian said...

No, of course I wouldn't :) It's a lovely page

Alana said...

Oh great layout. That tag is gorgeous, I quite often keep clothing tags for future use.

Louise said...

No....I'd have kept it too and it is perfect for your page x

debs14 said...

I recognise that tag ... love those White Stuff clothes! I had problems with blogger until I started using Google Chrome instead of Internet Explorer and now (fingers crossed) it works all the time.

Sandra said...

So made me smile,only last Saturday I got my tags together from white stuff to do a layout about them lol

Yes I've had lots of problems with reader tonight, you may soon hear me scream at my iPad

alexa said...

This is so lovely - welcome to the latest addition to the family! Yes, I have a few of these lovely tags awaiting somewhere too. :)