Wednesday, 16 June 2010


Now I've chosen that post title I have that song going around my head, you know the one, EMF, 1990. No? I think maybe that song title thing has gone to my head :-) but it's definitely unbelievable that this is my 4th daily posting in a row.
Swiftly moving on, I said I would be back to share the butterfly hanging decoration I made so here it is. A similar idea to the other one but with paper die cut flowers rather than fabric and a stamped quote rather than the image. I prefer this one and my friend likes it too. At the weekend Sian awarded me this. I didn't know whether to be flattered or offended LOL but I thought it would be a fun way of passing on a couple of TRUE facts about myself. Of course the others are big whoppers and as they say - you decide.

  • I've cycled the London to Brighton bike ride.
  • I hate marmite
  • At the age of 40 I have no fillings - and yes, I do go to the dentist regularly
  • I have a degree in Civil Engineering
  • I have achieved my ambition of seeing a humpback whale in it's natural habitat

I'll be back to enlighten you (if you're interested that is!) in the meantime I think maybe Sonja might be good at this - no I don't think she is good at telling fibs just very creative ;-)


Sian said...

Oh, yes I'm interested. If the fillings one is true you are one lucky girl :)

The butterfly hanging is beautiful.

Wrightboysmum said...

Thank you for the award will have to go and think up some outrageous lies lol. Love the butterfly wallhanging it's fabby. Your friend is very lucky.

alexa said...

OK, so I'm guessing that true might be: the Marmite and the cycling. Oh, and the civil engineering. I think ...!