Friday, 25 June 2010

Say It With Flowers Gift Box

I often make gift boxes to give small gifts in and as I had a couple to make I thought I'd share with you how I made them. My gift box measures 10cm but you can use this technique for making any sized box and mine only used two pieces of cardstock and 1 piece of 8x8 patterned paper. As I make quite a few boxes I invested in a Coppernob scoring board but there are lots on the market to choose from and easy to make. I find that punching a small half circle in the lid section adds a professional finishing touch.

You will also need a piece of acetate and two nestabilities dies I used two from the labels 1 set.

Once you have cut your lid and bottom sections next you need to cut a piece of your chosen patterned paper so it fits on the inside of the lid (as below). Stick it temporarily with respositionable tape or as I used a piece of doubled over masking tape.

You want the paper to stay in place while you cut out the aperture - use the smallest of your chosen dies.

Next you need to cut a frame from the patterned paper using both of your dies, placed one inside the other. The thickness of your frame will depend on which dies you have chosen.

You should end up with two pieces which look similar to this

Cut your piece of acetate to cover the aperture but so it also fits the inside of your lid and stick down using DST removing the pattern paper first. Don't worry if it looks messy that's why we cut the first piece of paper to cover it you need to sandwich the acetate between the lid and the paper.

Stick the cut out frame on the front of the box lid framing the aperture and also the piece of paper on the inside. Next make up your box lid and bottom. I like to use tacky glue for this part and I also like to line the bottom section of the box with paper but it's not necessary.

Tip: use one of the offcuts from the first stage to make a matching gift tag.

Embellish the lid as you wish - my box is decorated with flowers and I made an extra one to fit inside the box which can be seen through the acetate.

Here is another version in green teamed with Amy Butler paper
I hope this tutorial has been useful - have fun creating


Sian said...

Very professional looking Amanda :) You are right about punching that circle - it looks great.

Wrightboysmum said...

Great tutorial and I'm impressed you are rocking Glastonbury and blogging lol. The schedule worked well.

Sarah said...

Thanks for this - how pretty! I will have to try it, but I bet it doesn't look as nice as yours x