Sunday, 21 February 2010

Third Time Lucky?

It's been one of those weeks where if something is going to go wrong then it has. This minibook is for a friend's birthday and was my third attempt at an idea. The first involved a square wooden box that I very nicely painted and then ruined with some over enthusiastic stamping. They say that there are no mistakes in crafting only happy accidents. Let's just say I was one unhappy crafter.

On to attempt number two which involved a circular wooden box. I duly prepared the box for painting only to discover that the hinge was less than perfect..........which leads me onto my third and final attempt a minibook with pages cut with the nestabilities large scalloped circles. I'm going to make my own cardboard box to present it in ;-)

I apologise for the poor picture I had to scan the minibook minus the bookring which was holding the pages together as it was too bulky.

The reason I had to scan rather than photograph? Oh yes, I've experienced more of those 'things come in threes' incidents. At the beginning of the week my camera decided to have a funny moment and hasn't recovered since. This was followed by my beloved flower punch. Yes, those of you with punch envy need not experience it anymore. I have the Mr Fixer of the house working on it as we speak and I have my fingers crossed that it will pull through but it's not looking good. Then to top it all I wrecked a favourite journaling stamp................these things are sent to try us.

Moving on and trying to sound more cheerful I have completed another two weeks of the 52 in 10 project I'm working on. They are a bit mixed up and out of order but some prompts take a bit more thinking about than others. On the up side they are the perfect size to be scanned as I decided to make my album with pages 8.5"x11" rather than 12x12 - result! Something has gone right.

This prompt asked how music features in your life. I think music does evoke memories and I often associate a certain song with a particular time or event. I love using song lyrics to inspire a layout. Song titles also make great layout titles. On this page I decided to feature the first record I ever bought - Dancing Queen by Abba. It also reminds me of my Nan as it was one of her favourite songs. I made and printed my own record using Says It an online image maker using my own text.

This prompt asked are you like someone in your family? Scarily I have to say yes. My Mum and I share many similar mannerisms but I think our characters differ. We do share a love of crafting though and I'm thankful for all the things she taught me when I was young like sewing and knitting. Without that I'm sure I wouldn't have the love I have today for all things crafty.

I'm currently working on another prompt featuring family heritage which I hope to share soon. If you fancy taking part in the project you can find the 52 in 10 prompts here at Dolly's Dreamings


Sian said...

It looks like a beautiful gift Amanda. I'm sure it will be very gratefully received :) I'm sorry to hear about your camera..why are they so expensive to get fixed??! You are doing a great job with the scanning in the meantime!

Wrightboysmum said...

Mmm I'm turning into my mother too it's scary at times lol. Great LO's love that record maker. I've saved it into favs. Hopefully the threes are over now.

Alana said...

Oh never mind about the accidents because you have made a beautiful gift for your friend.

Pickleberry Papercrafts said...

Wonderful mini book, lucky friend!