Wednesday, 1 February 2012

My Month In Numbers - January

Hi are you taking part in Julie's My Month In Numbers? Squeezing just into February here are my January numbers.
2 - In January my blog celebrated it's 2 year birthday

7.99 - The extortionate amount I was charged for the delivery of my new phone that I ended up collecting myself.

2000 - The number of nectar points exchanged to spend at Amazon. Tilda's Winter Ideas already here and Zakka Style on it's way (hopefully).

-0.50 - The amount my eyesight has improved since my last eye test. Apparently if you are short sighted as you get older your eyesight can improve. Not all is lost then!

9088 - The pattern number of the Simplicity retro 70's dress pattern I bought. Coming along nicely.

If you would like to take part or want to know or get some tips on how to collect your numbers visit Julie at Notes on Paper I'm sure she'd love to see you and your numbers.


Julie Kirk said...

I love the layout - very nice [you'll have to let me know what the patterned paper is].

That's interesting to know about your eyes. I think something like that happened to our old next door neighbour who eventually stopped wearing glasses altogether!

I hope the dressmaking is helping with keeping you occupied [whilst sitting] at the moment.

Julie x

p.s: I've pinned you to the board: did you feel anything? ;-)

Alana said...

Great layout Amanda, I am going to join in this year but I am a bit disorganised so my numbers are a bit boring.

Sandra said...

I really enjoy seeing how everyone does this slightly differently, and oh yours is just great. Looking forward to seeing how that pattern comes out :)

Sian said...

Wot?! Your eyesight has improved. I'm more than a little envious..

Great numbers..

alexa said...

Really interesting list, Amanda! I love that pattern: wrapovers are my favourite type of garment.

Louise said...

oooh nice layout Amanda and love the inclusion of your glasses photo.

I was terribly short sighted when i was younger and mine improved too - now i don't need glasses not even for driving, it is amazing really!

dogmatix said...

Good numbers :)

I wonder if the eyes thing applies to those of us who have developed short sightedness with age??!!! I can hope :P