Friday, 3 December 2010

The Great British Weather

If you are in the UK then you probably have a view something like this in varying degrees of snowfall.
I don't think anywhere has been unaffected and whilst it looks pretty it's caused a fair amount of disruption. Yesterday I'd planned a craft sale prior to the opening of my Etsy shop..........well as the saying goes 'all the best laid plans and all that'. Needless to say I was disappointed at having to cancel it but I'm hoping to reschedule. Here are a few of the Christmas stockings I made.

Don't you just love the cute 'Stanley' Cath Kidston fabric. I saw it when I visited Brighton last week and had to buy some. The other one hasn't photographed very well but it's made from some lovely irish linen with a cotton spotty lining.

This one has a more rustic feel with raw edges and made from some wool fabric I found which I wrote about in a previous post. I hand stitched the felt reindeer onto the stocking and felted some wools balls to use for the holly with felt leaves.

Have you checked out the Inspired Ideas online magazine yet I made this yo-yo christmas tree inspired by it

The original used a wooden cotton reel as a base but I treasure mine too much to use one (really must get over that!) so I used  small metal bucket instead with more of the red spotty fabric for the yo-yos. For the tree topper I die cut some snowflakes and I also interspersed my yo-yos with some green pony beads. To weight the bucket I filled it with some air drying clay which was perfect to mount the tree in as the yo-yos are threaded onto a painted bamboo skewer.  
Keep warm and Happy Crafting


Sian said...

Oh, what a shame about your sale - I'm sure it would have gone really well because these stockings are beautiful

Sarah H said...

All the snow, seeing your cute stockings and sweet tree are making me feel very Christmassy!

It was such a shame that you had to cancel your sale - let's hope the weather improves. At least I can blame the snow for being behind in my xmas shopping! x

alexa said...

It's a veritable hand-crafting magical place where you live, Amanda! I can't imagine how you achieve so much... Do some of those gnomes come alive at night? :)