Friday, 27 August 2010

4 on Friday (5)

Another week passes without any scrapping completed but it's still been a creative week. I really liked the photo mosaic I created a few weeks ago for 4 on Friday instead of a layout so I thought I'd try it again.

The first photo is of my attempt at making mini pistachio macaroons . I didn't just make one - this one just happens to be the most photogenic and even then it doesn't look great but they taste pretty nice with a chocolate filling. I don't think I ground my pistachios fine enough but we live and learn. I felt inspired after watching The Great British Bake Off which features the fabulous Paul Hollywood. (He makes the most fantastic bread and we are lucky enough to have him selling it at our local farmers market.) I've been wanting to try and make this type of macaroon for a while after finding out about Laduree How I'd love to visit one of their shops. I think I need to investigate more recipes and techniques and give it another go. Either that or stick to my simpler fail safe recipe which is a traditional type of macaroon.

Next up some flowers I made from offcuts of fabric including organza and satin. Have you seen these types flowers? You have to heat the edges near a naked flame which burns and seals them without setting fire to them! Not easy and I don't really recommend it but I like how these turned out.

My own sewing project was interupted by helping a small person with theirs so the sewing project I was going to share this week has been slightly delayed but all in a good cause. The little lady in question required a cover made for a cushion she needs for her new school. She had very strong views about what was going to feature on her cushion and Hello Kitty won the day. I appliqued some felt which I happened to have in just the right colours.

....and lastly my own kitty, one elderly, grumpy, deaf cat called Fergus but you've got to love him :-)


Winnie said...

I think that's a great idea to do a photo collage instead of a LO, less pressure! Mmm . . I think I can taste that macaroon! LOL

Sian said...

We were past a Laduree shop in London last month and I couldn't persuade anyone else to come in and have a look! The colours were gorgeous. Yours looks brilliant. And I love the felt Hello Kitty - I'm sure that went down a storm.

Alana said...

I'm a Mary Berry fan, so I have avidly been watching the programme too....trouble is it makes me want to bake more and I am trying to be good. Love those organza flowers, sounds hairy to make though.

alexa said...

Amanda, how could I have missed this? Glorious colours and I love the organza flowers. Not sure I'd have the courage to get a blow-lamp out! So touched you're doing the 4 on Friday. :)