Friday, 30 July 2010

4 on Friday

Last week Alexa very kindly posted a PDF and gave details all about her 4 on Friday idea..........the idea? Well, to use the same basic template to create a layout and thereby reduce the 'thinking' time and letting you get on with the creating bit.
If you know Alexa you'll know her normal scrapping style, it's very simple but very stylish. So in honour of 4 on Friday's inaugural week I thought I'd try 'simple'. What do you think? It's the first time I've printed my title directly onto the background cardstock, very radical for me. I'm always in awe of Alexa's skills and how she manages to combine digital and traditional elements so successfully. I'm hoping to pick up some tips :) After making my photo into a pop art poster I mounted it onto some cardstock and then I ............well that was it really other than the addition of the multi coloured gems under my title.

I like how my layout turned out and I think it was made easier by the fact that I used the 4 photos and also meant I didn't have any journalling to include. The conclusion, whilst I enjoyed creating this layout I don't think I'm made to scrap 'simple'. I don't think I'm precise enough or maybe it's because I want to be too precise - this layout had me measuring to the millimetre! Or maybe my usual style enables me to cover my mistakes easier.....mmmmmm. Something I do know is that I'm going to enjoy using 4 on Friday to try new ideas and you never know I may even give 'simple' another try.

Why don't you pay Alexa a visit at and create your own 4 on Friday layout I know she'd love to see it.


Wrightboysmum said...

I think you do simple very well, it's lovely. Love the colours on the photos.

alexa said...

Oh wow, Amanda! This has wonderful style and panache! The photos are amazing - have you 'coloured' and printed these yourself? Great skill... I love those gems under the title, picking up the photo tints. I'm another who thinks that - though you might feel it's not your natural style - you do it very well!

Winnie said...

I like it! It really is simple and very effective! Love the pop art poster look and the multi-coloured gems - added elegance without being over the top. Great effort!