Wednesday, 15 August 2012

An Olympian Effort

Hello I've just about recovered from all the excitement of the Olympics, have you? So much to watch and cheer for.

I've just embarked on my own marathon - knitting a jumper. I've admired the pattern for over a year and when I finally found some yarn that made it an affordable project I took the plunge. I totally miscalculated how much I needed and was lucky that I was able to go back and order more  the cost of my bargain jumper was rising especially as I also had to buy the right sized circular needles......and I'm still not convinced I've got enough.
I managed to overcome the hurdle of the provisional cast on and found a new method of using a crocheted chain only then to be stumped with the major calculations required to make the pattern fit me (see scribbled notes on pattern!) Even the Engineer of the house was perplexed. However I got there in the end.

So with calculations and cast on done I'm now stuck trying to work out the stitch pattern, honeycomb brioche......A You Tube search produced a tutorial which was very continental and just confused me even more but I'm getting there. I'm going to consult with with some experts at my stitching group this week I'm sure they will come up trumps.

Wish me luck I'm trying focus on how lovely those kimono sleeves will look when it's finished. See I'm being optimistic......when not if!

If you are interested in the pattern you can find it on Etsy by Karen Clements


Alana said...

Oh very brave and a lot more patience than I would have. Looking forward to seeing it finished and now you have told us all about it we may just 'remind' you that you promised us.

Wrightboysmum said...

It looks fab and there is no chance of me managing if you're struggling. I did giggle at the engineer having to work out stitch numbers :-)

alexa said...

Oh my goodness, honeycomb brioche sounds exotic! Good enough to eat, let alone knit. Perhaps you'll have to eat lots of both to keep you going!

Sian said...

Amanda, it looks like an absolute feat of engineering - wow! It's going to be gorgeous though when it's finished