Monday, 2 April 2012

This Cat

This Cat

.....has got a meow and sure knows how to use it.
Day - Night for whatever reason.......mostly when
she wants something to eat.......sometimes for a
bit of attention.
Purdey snapped in a quiet moment.


alexa said...

Aww! Purdey looks very comfortable here, and I love your rolled (?) fabric flower shape - such pretty colours.

favouriteworkofart said...

love the LO, Mand - really lovely photo and i love your journaling direct on the CS. love that rolled flower too!

Sandra said...

Aawww bless. What a really lovely lovely layout

Alana said...

Beautiful flower, a lovely page.

Sarah H said...

I love the sewing on the card, and the rolled flower (must have another go at making one!)

Nathalie said...

Loving the different textures on this one!