Thursday, 23 June 2011

They Were All Yellow Part II

I'm back with part two of my yellow creations. I hadn't done any dressmaking sewing for a while and felt to need to make something to wear. So I hunted around my patterns and decided on a tunic. In amongst my fabric stash I couldn't find anything suitable so paid a trip to one of my favourite fabric shops where they had recently taken delivery of some lovely linens.
Hopefully the stripes are sufficiently narrow for me not to look like a walking deckchair but I thought the white and yellow looked really summery - should the weather ever turn summery again.

Being quite small, OK short, I often have trouble buying clothes with waists, darts, bustlines, necklines being in the wrong place or sleeves too long. The advantage of making your own is that you can tailor to suit your own needs. That's what I did here. The original pattern used elastic at the back and I didn't think that would be a flattering option so opted instead to add some darts and a buckle detail.

With a bit of effort I now have an original tunic that fits and was very affordable. I knew that 'O' level needlework would come in handy one day. I may make another without sleeves or in blue linen to match some trousers, OK I won't get carried away.


Sian said...

The buckle is the perfect finishing touch! "Health to wear" Amanda, as we say round here, it's really lovely.

Sandra said...

Ok tell me, is there anything you can't do lol

alexa said...

How clever is this! The buckle detail is just so stylish - MUCH more classy than elastic... Are any of these going in your Etsy shop?

Sarah H said...

wow that's amazing - it looks perfect! :-)