Sunday, 22 May 2011

Scrappy Cushion

What do you do with fabric scraps? If you're anything like me you can't bear to throw them away but what can you make from them? Is holding on to them really a practical idea? Well yes is the answer I pleased to say.

I happened upon this tutorial from Cluck Cluck Sew for a Sprocket Pillow. You need only the smallest amount of fabric to cut the pieces. You might recognise some of those above from the bags I made. They are super easy to make and the tutorial does come with the warning that they are addictive and you'll find it hard to just make the one.

Welcome to my new obsession.

I love to combine my different crafty interests together in projects so I took the idea for the cushion a step further and decorated the inexpensive white fabric with some stamped designs. I used my favourite butterfly stamp, a new Kaisercraft grid and some bunting that came free with a magazine.
To stamp my designs I used a Versacraft fabric ink pad in black. All you need to do is heat set the design using an iron - simple.

Tip - Learning from the first one I made I marked where the centre of the back piece of fabric was so that it made it much easier to centre when sewing the button in place threading through to the back.

Some more ideas........

How about transferring a favourite photo or part of it on the plain sections.

Handstamping a message or sentiment for a special gift

Adding names, dates etc

Using up fabric remnants to match a quilt

Recycling a favourite item of clothing

........Go hunt out those scraps.


Wrightboysmum said...

I'm liking this a lot especially the stamping on the white fabric. I'm watching some calico on EBay just now.

Winnie said...

Gorgeous cushions! What a great idea to use up scraps. I love how you've made your own fabric too by stamping. Great tips, thanks for showing.

alexa said...

The stamping is really effective. Time I got my inks out!

Sian said...

I think I need to get some fabric ink! This is fab Amanda, you are such an all-round crafter I love it!

Claire said...

What a fabulous idea Amanada they look brilliant and another great way to use those wonderful stamps

Sandra said...

I'm really not surprised that this is your new obsession, they're amazing.

Bonnie said...

So cute!! I found your blog through Sewhappygeek. I'm one of the bloggers who was plagiarized. My tutorial is still up, but we're still fighting. Through all the drama though, I've found more great crafting blogs like yours! Thanks for posting your ADORABLE pillow, I think I found my project for this weekend. :)

Sarah H said...

This is great - I have been searching for projects which use up scraps, and this looks perfect. I never knew you could get an ink pad for stamping on fabric - what a great idea!