Sunday, 3 April 2011

Happy Mother's Day

Hi. Where has the time gone since my last post? In between craft sale preparations, having a birthday, work, shopping, trying to tidy up and dealing with the post holiday washing pile a week went by in a blink of an eye.
I did find time to peruse the Silhouette site and found these fab little envelopes.
And so to this weekend. Today in the UK we are celebrating Mother's Day so to add to my list of things to do I'd decided sometime ago to make a bag for my Mum. I found the perfect colour fabric in the form of some linen napkins in a charity shop.......but I don't think you'd guess that is what it is made from, would you? I know for sure she'll like the colour. For the card I downloaded some pretty birds on a wire and cut them out of some textured self adhesive paper along with the sentiment.

I also spotted this jug which I thought would be perfect for my Mum to mix a sangria in now that she can look forward to warmer days and evenings in her garden. I printed out a recipe and popped it inside. If we should return to the cold and chilly hopefully the rose and peony scented candle will remind her that Summer will soon be on it's way.
And today to complete my Mother's Day meal I'm making this so let's hope it is 'golden'.....
Nigella doesn't normally let me down so fingers crossed.


Sian said...

It's such a chic bag Amanda - it looks as if you hunted out some very expensive linen indeed. Cleverly done!

alexa said...

What a stunning bag! So simple and stylish! I bet she'll love it. Is it going to spawn others who will go and live in your Etsy shop? Can we pre-order?

Sarah H said...

What beautiful and thoughtful gifts. Your mum is very lucky x

Linda said...

What a lovely daughter you are :-)
I would really like a bag like that ....especially in that colour. Just gorgeous!

(You asked me about the transfer technique...I used a printer copy.)

Sandra said...

what a lovely gift :)

I downloaded those birds too ... but need to check out the envelope.

Hope you had a good birthday?

Wrightboysmum said...

I missed your birthday arghhh! I was mean't to be more organised this year. The bag is cool and I love the birds on a wire.