Friday, 18 March 2011

Something Found and a Card

Hi. If you are a crafter then you are probably the same as me and can't pass up an opportunity to use something 'found' in your crafting. My enthusiasm has sometimes prompted some strange looks from my nearest and dearest when I've come across something that I know will be perfect for a project. So imagine my other halves suprise when I wrestled these labels out of his hands from his newly bought T-shirt before they ended up in the recycling bin. I would just like to say he wouldn't give me the spare buttons how ever much I begged but I don't think he'll be the one sewing them on should the need arise!
 The labels have a great bit of texture and I can see them appearing in a collage some time soon which leads me on to the Toast 'small book' which was junk mail in a magazine and has already made an appearance in the background of this birthday card I made for a 40th birthday.
To accompany the card I made a present evening bag in black velvet.

I hope she liked it!


Sian said...

I'll bet she did :)

Sandra said...

I'm sure she did - I just adore the card. Loving that image, and such a lovely handbag, that's one lucky friend you have :)

Sarah H said...

Haha I'm glad it's not just me who gets funny looks from people as I ask them if they need a seemilgly useless item (for which I'm aready planning crafty uses for in my head!).

I love the retro feel of the card, and the bag is just gorgeous! I'm sure she'll love it x