Sunday, 24 October 2010

Scrapping of Sorts

After an enforced lack of blogging due to no internet connection I'm happy now to be back in full working order. Tip: reconsider if you currently have Norton security it does it's job so well that it blocks connecting to the internet. It appears I'm not the only person to have suffered in this way. 

Ok serious bit over onto the scrapping.........all but in miniature

A much loved colleague is retiring this week and the office is going to be a whole lot quieter without him. He is someone who has supported my crafty endeavours and I know that he will appreciate something created for him.

He has been finishing jobs and clearing paperwork and when I spied him recycling his business cards I knew that I should retrieve them. After a bit of ferreting about in the recycling bin I found them and kept them safe but not quite knowing what to do with them.......That was until I saw a brilliant tutorial by Kirsty Neale on how to make a minibook from business cards. I've altered it a bit to fit in with how I wanted it to end up as I still wanted the business cards visible in places.
Then I had a tricky moment when the ribbon left to fasten around the cover wasn't quite long enough to tie properly. What to do? My non crafty husband came to the rescue with the suggestion of 'why don't you use some velcro?' Genius, I had some sticky velcro dots just waiting for such an occasion. You know, one of those 'they will come in handy purchases for some future project if only I can remember where I put them!'.
So there we have it a minibook made from business cards with it's very own box........


Sian said...

What an absolutely perfect present. Your gift giving genius strikes again..

Wrightboysmum said...

Absolutely fab! He'll love it.

alexa said...

Oooh, this is so sweet! Amanda, what a simply splendid present! So very thoughtful, and beautifully done ... Hurrah for Velcro!

Sarah said...

What a brilliant idea for a leaving present! And the Velcro was genius! x